Paula Eastwood Music


Paula Eastwood has woven careers in music and design over decades as a personal expression of A 360 View. She composed the music and lyrics to the songs below, using both traditional methods and electronic methods (Ableton Live and Reason software).

Paula does not have a dedicated website for her music right now, but felt it is time to share these musical thoughts with others. If someone is moved by these expressions, her greatest goal is achieved.

Produced and recorded by Paula Eastwood and John Rangel, Santa Fe, NM
“All Get Along” arrangement, piano, drum programming by John Rangel
Guitar by John Brennan, Pound Ridge, NY
“Start Right Now” piano, bass and drum programming by John Rangel

Please feel free to share the links from this page. Thanks for listening. More to come…
All Get Along
Five Elements of Nature
Weather Change
Start Right Now

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