Noticing the Small

cukes-spicesWalking presents an opportunity to see. Walking is an activity that I am grateful for, because it’s not an assumption but a gift. In that spirit, I choose to look about, to see what the next second holds—maybe a revelation in the small, the overlooked, the scale of the micro.

From the prism lights of the Dwan Light Sanctuary, to crushed boxes on the loading dock of CVS, to Muslim Town in Pondicherry, India, I am drawn to shape, shadow, curlicues, and exquisite craftsmanship by humans and by nature. Fresh cucumbers sprinkled with spices at Mamallapuram historical site in India tempted me, but I couldn’t risk it.

In a time and a world that seems to amplify excess, alienation and violence, there are bits of peace and joy embedded in tiny scenes for those who look closely. They are fleeting immersions, and being present enough to acknowledge them by camera or focused attention is worth the extra seconds, an attempt to preserve the delight.

Maybe we can develop wonder and appreciation by observing while walking. A sudden detail of nature or human creativity can pull us back to the present moment, the only thing we truly own.